By January 24, 2007

Repair your scratched iPod screen

Ok so maybe this isn’t a ‘repair’ but it’s certainly the next best thing!

I’ve had my iPod video for a little while and a few weeks ago I managed to scratch the screen, it’s a bad scratch caused by putting my keys in the same pocket as the iPod. I’m normally so careful with my devices but the mistake all but ruined the screen!

I had an idea and called upon my old friends a JAVOedge. It may well seem like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted but I thought that an Anti-Glare JAVOscreen might cover up the scratch and prevent any further damage.

So today I got my screen protector from JAVOedge and after cleaning my iPod screen I applied it. I am simply amazed at the results! Have a look at the two pictures below. In the ‘before’ picture you can clearly see the nasty scratch but after applying the anti-glare screen protector it is virtually impossible to see the scratch, even up close and holding it to the light you can barely see it!

iPod Video before

iPod After

Not only does the JAVOscreen hide the scratch but check out the anti-glare coating. This makes the screen so much easier to see, even in daylight it cuts out all the unwanted reflections.

When you buy a JAVOScreen for an iPod from JAVOedge you don’t just get a screen protector that simply covers the screen area, the screen protector covers the whole of the front of the iPod. You also get a circular protector for the click-wheel and another protector for the back of the device!

iPod Screen Protection

So whether you are looking to protect your iPod screen from damage or you already have an scratched iPod that you want to ‘repair’ take a look at the JAVOedge JAVOscreen products – they are certainly a cheaper alternative to replacing the screen!


These screen protectors from JAVOedge are available for lots of other products too. So if you have scratched your mobile phone, iPod or PDA screen why not try a JAVOscreen protector?

BTW – Images are straight from the camera, just resized for the web.


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