By June 27, 2010

Rent a Map from Naviextras

Budapest, Hungary –, the official map and content update portal for iGO Navigation solutions, now offers the Rent-a-Map service as an alternative to buying additional maps. Ideal for holidays and business trips, the latest service allows travelers to use a map for a one-month period for up to 70% less than the original purchase price.

Almost all maps on are compatible with the new rental service, including Tele Atlas, Navteq and Top-Map maps. This allows users of iGO Navigation-based PNDs and smartphones to rent maps for over 80 countries, ensuring they are always up-to-date. For example, Europe is available for 29.95 EUR instead of 74.95 EUR, Brazil can be rented for 19.95 EUR instead of paying 49.95 EUR for purchasing it.

“We have solved the summer holiday problem for millions of navigation users,” says Nav N Go’s Online Product Manager, Attila Simon. “Why buy a map if you only use it for 2 weeks? Rent-a-Map is the ideal solution to find your way around your holiday destination without spending more than necessary on the maps.” has over 100 GB of updates and is compatible with over 1,200 devices from 110 brands. For a full list of compatible navigation devices, available maps and 3D extras, please visit Also sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest news!

Sounds like a sweet idea if you ask me. We are hoping to review iGO Navigation soon. I have used it on Windows Mobile in the past and it was great but it is time for a refresh so it will be on the iPhone 4 this time.

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