By March 6, 2009

Removable memory is pretty much all alike, isn’t it?

image       According to the Kinoma blog, there can be big differences in quality and speed between one storage card and another. For quality, all you can really do is buy a brand you trust. But for speed, the good news is that there’s now a standard way of classifying the throughput of SD and SDHC cards — the Speed Class.

It’s really easy to understand, too. Class 2 cards guarantee a minimum transfer speed of 2 MB/second, Class 4 cards a minimum speed of 4 MB/second, etc. A card’s Speed Class should be clearly marked as a number in a round “C”, as shown above.

Kinoma recommend that you always buy storage cards that are Class 4 or higher, and normally buy Class 6 cards wherever possible. With a faster card your phone spends less time on data transfers, which translates to more efficient media playback. As an added bonus, copying media between the card and a PC will be faster as well.

via Kinoma Blog

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