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Reel Director – iMovie for iPhone – released


Some of the iPhone apps are beyond amazing. If you thought that some kinds of apps are not possible because one needs a full computer for them, think twice: iPhone gets them!

Reel Director allows for sophisticated movie editing inside of an iPhone:



Video Editing for iPhone 3GS!

ReelDirector makes it simple for everyone to create movie right on iPhone 3GS. With a drag-and-drop timeline, multiple text watermark styles and 27 pro grade transitions, you’ll turn your scattered video clips into polished movies in just minutes.


? Add and stitch together clips, drag-and-drop to rearrange order.

? Add text watermarks of title, opening credits and closing credits with 4 styles and 9 positions to choose from.

? Put transitions between clips to smooth or blend the change from one scene to another. With 27 transitions to choose from, create professional looking videos with ease and fun.

? Share your movies by email or save to Camera Roll (OS 3.1 required)


– Timeline – scrollable, seekable within clips, easy to arrange order
– Preview – full preview of frame at current timeline position, with watermarks and transition applied


– Title and multiline opening and closing credits
– Combine 4 styles and 9 positions to create 36 different appearance
– Gradually fade out title and opening credits, fade in closing credits

Animated preview for each transition, easy to find the one you like.

1. Automatically insert transitions between each clip in your project, just pick one in Project Properties; or

2. add/change transition for each clip while editing.

Available transitions:

– Cross Dissolve
– Fade Through Black/White
– Flash Through Black/White
– Blur Fade (fade out of focus)
– Blur Cross (first scene fades out of focus)
– Wipe Left/Right/Top/Bottom
– Wipe Soft Left/Right/Top/Bottom
– Wipe Blend Left/Right/Top/Bottom
– Push Left/Right/Top/Bottom
– Push Left/Right/Top/Bottom with Border

Commentary: this app is not perfect and for example direct uploading to YouTube is missing, but if you would like to spare yourself hassle related to moving big movie files to your PC or Mac and editing there, then this app is for you. Anyway most movie makers need only addition of some subtitle (to prevent movie stealing on YouTube for example) so this app delivers more than needed for most fans of mobile video…

Get it here (price: $7.99):

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