By August 8, 2010

Real-time 3D from 2D promises Toshiba with new Cell Regza panels

X2 Toshiba’s near mythical television, the Cell Regza is gaining a new string to its already impressive bow with 3D capability. However, this isn’t regular 3D capability, as the Cell Regza being the technological behemoth that it is, this is real-time 2D to 3D conversion that takes your common-or-garden 2D broadcasts and converts them on the fly by “recognising vectors of movement”.

This mind-expanding 3D comes courtesy of the processing power afforded by its PS3 cell processing power. But don’t worry, none of this is at the expense of the other features – it still has a massive 3TB hard disk space for acres of HD TV recording and it’s still capable of recording 8 different channels simultaneously. As you’d expect from Tosh’s highest-end kit, there is also a barrel full of image enhancing technologies, including “Block Noise Clear” that promises to deliver even clearer HD broadcasts. The Cell Regza line also uses a 9,000,000:1 LED backlit “mega” panel and is, despite all this technology, still only 2.9cm thin (although much of the real brains of the set are in the separate tuner box). Unfortunately there is no word on a firm date when UK eyes can expect to gaze on a 3D Cell-rendered Eastenders.


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