By February 5, 2013

Raspberry Pi ‘lite’ version hits the shelves

raspberry-pi Here at Tracy & Matt towers we’ve been using Raspberry Pi’s for a while now, they are a good development platform for hardware controllers etc. Although I still prefer the MBED platform.

The Raspberry Pi has been hugely successful, mainly because its reasonably cheap while still packing a punch when it comes to hardware performance. It can be used for movie streaming and even runs several versions of Linux.

As if the current version was not cheap enough a new lightweight or ‘bare-bones’ version has just gone on sale.

The new Model A has the same CPU and footprint as the B model but has less memory (256MB), no Ethernet and just a single USB socket.

The Model A goes on sale today at a variety of outlets for just £16. If you are looking for something to tinker with for a DIY project they are definitely worth a look!


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