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Quick Review: GPSpeedOMeter for BlackBerry

I’m a sucker for having a speedometer on whatever device I am using. I have one on my iPhone, Android and even my BlackBerry PlayBook that is dash mounted in the car. Just the other day I realized I didn’t have one on my BlackBerry Smartphone and that just wouldn’t do. What if i needed one in an emergency (snigger).

So I stumbled upon GPSpeedOMeter which has a free version as well as the paid. Free is good with me so I gave it a try and I have to say it is absolutely awesome!

There are many GPS speedometer apps to choose from on every platform. What I liked out this one was the fact that is is way more than just a speedo. There are other cool features that lie beneath the surface.

Read on to see what they are and I bet you go try it for yourself.




I chose to use GPSpeedOMeter on the BlackBerry Torch 9810 due to screen real estate. So to start with the main feature is clearly the speedometer. As you can see on the main screen you are also presented with an array of other figures such as distance travelled, time, average speed etc, potentially handy or if not fun to look at if as geeky as me!


Jumping into the options of the app will allow you to tweak certain settings such as using MPH or KM/H. There are some theme options, Twitter login , which I presume is tweeting your journey and a few other things.

Capture16_6_16 Capture16_6_26


The one feature I really liked was the ability to view a map of the route you have travelled. All the information can be saved and there are some sync options although these were not accessible in the free version.



There are one or two other features that I shall not bore you with as this is just a quick teaser review but if you fancy having a GPS speedometer on your BlackBerry I would highly recommend trying the free version of GPSpeedOMeter. You may like it so much you decide to upgrade to the paid version which is only £2.00.

Features in this app include:
Average Speed
Max Speed
Max Elevation
Total Ascent/Descent
Average Pace
Route Maps (Integrated BBMaps)
Elevation graph
Store a history of rides 
Send To - email,gpspeedometer,ridewithgps,sdcard
Backlight always on setting
miles/km feet/meters settings
and much more.


This one gets 9/10 on the James scale of excellent applications!


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