By February 1, 2009

Proposed US law would require phone cameras to make noise

peteking The United States is suffering, with two foreign wars, a crumbling economy, and soaring budget deficits. What would you expect congress to be doing in a time of such national turmoil? If you guessed introducing asinine laws about shutter noises on camera phones, you would be right. The Camera Phone Predator Alert Act has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce by Rep. Peter King (R-NY). There are similar laws in effect in parts of Asia but this law will have absolutely zero effect on “camera phone predators”

The main reasons this bill is a dumb idea include: this bill does not apply to all digital cameras (only camera phones), most camera phones have video capture and there is no requirement for a video alert sound, and lastly most cell phone speakers are too quiet to alert anybody more than a couple of feet away, if you have ever tried to listen to music through the iPhone’s speakers you’ll know what I’m talking about.

A similar bill was introduced last year, but failed to gain any traction. To Representative King I would like to say good luck and as a tax payer, I would like to thank you for focusing on the really important issues at a time like this.

Source: Phone Scoop

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