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Prima Premium leather book style case for iPhone

image Another guest review, Alli Flowers from Just Another Geek Site has been busy looking at cases for her iPhone and has come across the Prima leather book style case. She has written a review with pictures, if your looking for this type of case, take a read of the review after the break.

When I first took it out of the box, I thought “oh yippy, another holster.” And then I turned it over and noticed the absence of a belt clip or button. That’s when I knew this was something special.

If you like leather cases, and don’t mind the extra bulk that comes with it, Prima’s Premium Leather Book Style Case is absolutely the most gorgeous case I’ve ever seen.

image image

As the name of the case implies, this case is made from premium leather. Soft to the touch when new, it’s the kind of leather that will feel even better once it’s been broken in a little. This is basically a billfold with an iPhone pocket. Feel free to toss it in your pocket, your briefcase, or your purse – this case offers some serious protection.

Two credit card pockets, and a slot that easily holds folding money, you can easily leave the house with this and nothing else. I’m totally not sure why it has two sd slots though. (Maybe someone at Prima knows something about future iPhones that we don’t?) In between the the side that holds your credit cards and the side that nestles your iPhone is a soft cloth to make sure nothing scratches that beautiful screen.

The design of the cutouts is interesting. I’m not sure why the hole around the speaker extends twice the size of the speaker to the left. If you’re going to make it large, center it? Maybe it goes along with the sd holders: a dye cut from another device that was “close enough.” The loop at the bottom of the case so that you can access the iPhone’s one and only actually button is perfect. The cutouts on the side allowing you to access the volume rocker and mute switch are equally perfect.

image image

The image above to the left allows you to look through the inside of the case to see the cutouts for the volume rocker and mute switch.

You can also see how the inside has a soft, almost velveteen lining to prevent the case from getting scratched. While there is no closure at the top, this is a tight formfitting case that will not allow your iPhone to fall out.

So why did I not find this the perfect case for my own use? Alas, for the same reason that I will never find the iPhone the perfect phone for my use – it gets in the way of my fingernails. I doubt anyone could ever make leather thin enough to still be protective, but at the same time afford the access you get from ultra thin plastic cases. If you are a short or no nails kinda person, you will love this case. Honestly, as it’s a rather masculine case to start with, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Prima’s Premium Leather Book Style Case can be purchased from Prima’s website for $29.95, a great price for high quality leather that is more than just a case.

Written by Alli Flowers – Email via Justanothergeeksite

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