By October 11, 2011

Pre order the HTC Explorer from The Smart Phone Centre


We posted just a couple of weeks ago that The HTC Explorer had been announced. The Smart Phone Centre are now taking pre orders and the device will set you back a reasonable £179.95 which includes VAT and delivery.

HTC Explorer Overview
With HTC Explorer we’ve put what’s most important to you right at your fingertips. The lockscreen lets you access your contacts, mail, camera, and messages in one swipe even when your phone is locked. And to make things convenient for you, HTC Explorer offers an intuitive, clean homescreen design that focuses on the most frequently used features and notifies you when you’ve received an email or text message or have a calendar event.
Web browsing similar to your desktop computer.
With HTC Explorer, you’ll enjoy web browsing that’s similar to your desktop computer. Websites are easy to find and easy to read. To make your viewing even easier, the HTC Explorer automatically adjusts the text on your screen so you won’t have to pan left and right to get all the news. Zoom in and dial a phone number on the web page in one easy step. And when you click on an address, a map opens up instantly for you to check out its location.

HTC Explorer understands your desire to control costs and select the right data plan. After all, does anyone really know how much data it takes to open up their favourite website? HTC Explorer monitors your data usage and gives you a history of the last 3 months so you can find the best data plan and adjust your usage to stay within your budget.
A simply intuitive phone.
The HTC Explorer lets you jump right into what’s most important to you. The lockscreen design focuses on the most frequently used features like your mail, text messages, contacts, and camera.
The HTC Explorer gives you shortcuts that really do save time and make your life less complicated. With the HTC Explorer, you decide what appears on your home-screen panel, it’s all at your fingertips.
For text messages and email, HTC Explorer lets you group up your friends, family, whoever. Select the group from your contacts and send the same text message or email to the entire group in a one step.

HTC Explorer helps you track your data, messages and minutes used. It also remembers any Wi-Fi connections you use regularly and reconnects automatically when they’re available.
Smart dial. Look up phone contacts quickly and make calls easily from either stored contacts or call history by simply entering the contact’s first or last name, or just the initials. Whoever you’ve called most recently is prioritised.
Group text message. Group up your favourite people and view all your communication options on one screen for simple access.
An icebreaker for your calls. Now when you look to see who’s calling, you get to see their latest social status updates or if they have a birthday coming up. The conversation starts before you say hello!
Immersive experience. Have you ever held a thunderstorm in your hand? When checking the weather – feel the sun’s rays or wipe away the droplets of water.


Head on over to The Smart Phone Center and place your order.


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