By July 4, 2008

Pre Order iPhone 3G from O2, we don’t think so.

image O2 staff have been freely telling customers over the last few weeks that from the 4th July you could come to any O2 store and pre-order the iPhone 3G, sign up for service, go through the credit checks and even arrange porting your number in advance so everything will be ready to go on Friday the 11th. Well it is total rubbish as apparently after speaking to the manager in a local O2 store today they have changed their mind and now will not offer any pre-orders on the iPhone 3G.

image It will be on sale the 11th July on a first come first served basis and every new contract will have to go through the usual long winded procedure of in store approval and activation. This will be fun on Friday, will there be long queues ?, now there definitely will be as it will take each customer at least 20 minutes from my experience of buying a new contract phone in store, maybe that is what Apple and O2 want so they can get more press coverage. And what was the point of registering interest on O2’s website, they have told us nothing so far and now you cannot even register, it is all bizzare.

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