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Pre App catalogue busting at the seams


From the get go, we knew that Palm had an uphill battle to get apps into its App Catalog. Not an easy task when you have a brand spanking new mobile OS, yes, you guessed it, webOS. And other platforms having the upper hand with the number of apps doesn’t help either. All this – it would appear – is about to change.
The flow of new apps into Palm head quarters has been overwhelming, and many developers have been submitting their applications for consideration. Unfortunately, for them and for Pre owners, they never got a response, and some developers have wonder about the status of their submission. The problem is that there have been so many apps submitted that Palm is having trouble keeping up.

But they finally got a response via Palm’s developer discussion boards from none other than Palm Developer Community Manager Chuq Von Rospach, who posted the following:

We got more applications than we could handle well, which is a good problem to have. Unfortunately, it means we dropped some things on the floor, and that’s bad, but with the impending “stuff” that’s coming, this is all going to get a lot easier for everyone and a lot more transparent.

If you didn’t get a response in a timely manner, let me apologize to you. We should have done a better job on this, and I apologize for this. I’m working with the people I work with on this to try to make sure we do a better job of this moving forward. Good news is we’ve hired some people — one’s started, one starts next week, and the third starts the week after that, and that’ll give us some great people and some new resources to make sure this gets fixed and works properly.


Chuq Von Rospach
Palm Developer Community Manager
[email protected]

When a developer posted a question about waiting to hear from Palm or submitting the app again when the new process was in place, Chuq answer:

yes, please. Sitting tight would be appreciated. There’s a lot of stuff in process, and once we get through this push, a lot will become clearer to everyone and we’ll be able to find out what we missed and get those things back on track.

this week is incredibly busy, so I really can’t go looking at individual status on things. Next week I’ll be on the road in SoCal, but will be working and can hopefully start catching up on this stuff for you.

I really like to see what is all that “stuff in process” coming with the next “push”. Probably many more than just 15 apps? Video? Who knows, we’ll just have to wait.

[Via MyPre & Precentral]

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