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PPC Tablet review

PPC Tablet Remote Control Suite is a PocketPC program that uses the PocketPC screen to emulate input devices such as keyboard, touchpad or tablet.

I discovered PPC Tablet a few weeks ago when I decided to hook up an old laptop to my TV to play back video and browse the internet in the lounge. I didn’t want to have a keyboard and mouse trailing across the living room and figured that there must be some remote control software out there that I could use, I was thinking along the lines of VNC.

After a few minutes of Google whacking I came across PPC Tablet. According to the blurb “PPC Tablet helps users remotely control a desktop or laptop PC by sending keystrokes or mouse movements to it, through an ActiveSync connection or any TCP/IP network connection, wired or wireless. It can also help users speed up repetitive data entry or computer operation by using PPC Tablet’s macro keys.” it sounded ideal. I decided to download the demo.

PPC Tablet comprises of two elements. First of all you have to install the ‘Host’ application on the PC that you want to control and then you install the ‘Client’ on the PocketPC device that you want to use. If you have an ActiveSync connection to the PocketPC you can do both at the same time.

The host application allows you to configure settings such as start-up behaviour, ports etc. (see below).

PPC Tablet Host

The PPC Client application has a number of built in profiles that you can use (see table below) plus you can also design your own profiles or download others from the internet. There is even a profile for Windows Media Centre which emulates the Media Centre remote control.

  • Default Devices: This plug-in contains a touchpad, a tablet and a numeric keypad.
  • Display Feedback (NEW!): This plug-in contains a Display Feedback area and a touchpad.
  • Remote File System (NEW!): A plug-in that contains a remote file system browser. You can browse through the folders and files on the host computer, download the selected file to your Pocket PC, or execute it directly on the host computer.
  • iTunes: A plug-in designed for controlling iTunes.
  • Winamp: A plug-in designed for controlling Winamp.
  • Windows Media Player: A plug-in designed for controlling Windows Media Player.
  • Media Center PC: A plug-in designed for controlling Media Center PC. (This plug-in is an extra download available here.)
  • PowerPoint Presentation: A plug-in designed for controlling PowerPoint.
  • Internet Explorer: A plug-in designed for navigating Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Firefox: A plug-in designed for navigating Firefox web browser.
  • WinTV: This plug-in provides a remote-control pad for WinTV and other programs.
  • Personal Data: This plug-in allows you to save personal data (like name, e-mail, phone, address) in the profile and replay it in other applications.
  • OneNote: A convenient plug-in to control Microsoft OneNote. (This plug-in is an extra download available here.)
  • Document Viewer: This plug-in is designed for viewing documents.
  • Once you choose a profile you are asked which host you want to connect to. This is great is it will allow you to set up the host application on multiple PC’s and connect to them as required. You are then presented with the profile on the PocketPC screen.

    PPC Tablet

    The profile I use most on my HTC TyTN is the ‘Remote File System’. This gives you a large area on the screen for use as a touchpad, similar to a laptop track-pad, which emulates the mouse and then a scroll bar at the side. This also allows you to use the keyboard on the PocketPC.

    I have been using PPC Tablet for a few weeks now and I have to say I think it is a great application. I find myself using it in a variety of ways. I connect to the host via WiFi but Bluetooth and ActiveSync connections are also supported. The host application is even compatible with Vista!

    PPC Tablet definitely goes on our list of most useful PocketPC software and is highly recommended. Take a look at the PPC Tablet site where you can download a demo or purchase the full version.


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