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Portable Battery Charger – JAVOedge

Just got a new bit of kit “hot off the press” from JAVOedge. Not sure batteries come from presses actually, but moving on…

Portable Battery Charger1

Most of the stuff JAVOedge sell, can admittedly be found elsewhere. You know the stuff – 99p off ebay with £20 postage from Hong Kong etc. If you want that, then off you go. But one thing I’ve noticed, not just from this item, but from JAVOedge branded stuff in general – is the quality. It looks and feels well made, rather then just random bits of plastic stuck together with a glue gun.

Onto the battery then. I was a bit unsure as to its use when I received it. I drive a lot, and have chargers in my house and workplace. I have a car charger for the… er car as well.

So where does it fit in? Luckily enough, being a northern monkey, the weather helped out by flooding my village and cutting off the power. Its just the usefulness of it really. Plug phone into battery. Charge phone. The end. It kept me on the net, it kept up my push email and charged 3 phones off a signal battery charge.

I also found it very useful, when my ever-battery hungry M3100 was required in the ground floor of my home. Unfortunately, it needs to be next to a window, which is helpfully a long way away from the nearest plug. Not a problem anymore – I just take the battery with me.

I’m also gonna be using it when I’m on holiday. Even when you do remember your charger, for some reason, it always seems to end up being discharged, and then theres the fight for the only charger!

Its a simple product, but effective, and genuinely useful. My only bugbear (which is quite important frankly), is that for some inexplicable reason, JAVOedge haven’t included a Nokia adaptor. I found one from another kit that works, but this needs addressing pretty quickly, as its a major limitation.

Portable Battery Charger2

You can buy the Portable Battery Charger from the JAVOedge website

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