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PockeTwit Tips from Physboy

image One of our readers Physboy, has put together a great list of tips to get the most out of the latest Beta of Pocketwit for Windows Mobile, for those of you who are new to PockeTwit, you may find that in its current beta state it’s not the most intuitive finger friendly experience. Read on so that you can get past that issue and see the real power behind the application.

  1. Side 2 Side Finger Swipe Control: To acheive accessing the menus which reside on either side of the timeline you are currently viewing, be sure to tap and slide all the way to the opposite side. In addition, be sure to start from either the far left side (Screen name’s Avatar/Pic) or the far right side. (Note: When starting from the right side be sure you tap before the edge of the right side of the screen, more on this in the "Scroll Jumping" section.) To leave the either side menu just tap on the part of the screen which still shows a little of the comment timeline and presto you are back in the timeline view.

  2. Scroll Jumping: If you want to get to a timeline section without having to wait for the auto-scroll to get there, then you can utilize the Jump feature. This works by using your fingernail, or tip of our finger to tap on the right edge of the timeline screen, to a relative jump point other than what is indicated by the arrow pointing left on the right edge of the screen. E.g., If the arrow is at the top of the screen, and you want to jump to the middle section of the timeline, simply tap in the middle height part of the right edge of your screen under the arrow. Voala, you will see the comments from the middle section of your timeline list. (You may also see a momentary message stating "Let me catch up…", that is normal and should disappear when the comments finish populating.)

  3. Soft Button Options: Sometimes it is more beneficial to use the soft-button options to pull either the right or left menu item. This would be beneficial if you have a screen that is not so finger friendly, or if your device does not have hardware soft-buttons, E.g. Diamond 2 & Touch Pro 2. There are two ways to access the menus from the soft-button options. You can access either via the hardware soft-buttons, or toggling out of Full-Screen mode to expose the options for screen interaction.

  4. Full-Screen Toggle: To toggle in and out of Full-Screen mode, simply bring up the left menu and choose the second to last option "Window…", then click on "Toggle Full Screen".

  5. Detailed Comment View: To access a comment menu allowing you to easily click on links in the comment, view entire message, or close the menu, simply double tap on the desired comment. You can also select the comment by single tapping, and then click on your hardware action button if your screen is not finger friendly. (Note: Currently this feature is only working reliably if you have a hardware action button, and use it. The double tapping only works sporadically for now. I am sure they will fix, as it was working in previous versions)

  6. Replies & Direct Messages Timelines: Currently to access the Replies, and Direct Messages timelines, bring up the left menu and choose the "Messages" option. This will bring you to a timeline view where the Replies, and incoming Direct Messages timelines are merged.

I recently tweeted the developer regarding the comment menu double tapping issue, and requested that there be separate timeline views for Replies and Direct Messages. Feel free to tweet him so he is fully aware of the issues and the general desire for the latter request: @PockeTwitDev.

To download PockeTwit and try it for yourself click here: Download

That’s it, hope this helps to allow you to experience the full breadth of what this application has to offer as a Twitter client.

Feel free to ask questions or post your own tips!!

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