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Pocket Tunes now available for Windows Mobile

 imagePocket Tunes has long been a favourite with Palm users and it is now been made available for Windows Mobile.

  • Jam to your tunes on most Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs.
  • NEW IN 4.1. Sync your iTunes playlists with your Windows Mobile smartphone or PDA.
  • Play music stored on your phone or on a storage card in your phone.
  • Play hundreds of Internet radio stations from the built-in catalog or tune in to your favorites.
  • View the album artwork for the music you are listening to.
  • Auto-sync your music from your computer and CDs.
  • Access millions of songs from compatible music subscription services.
  • Listen to audio books and podcasts.
  • image Pocket Tunes is the most feature-rich audio player for your smartphone or PDA.  Whatever you are looking for in an audio player, you’re sure to find it with Pocket Tunes.

    • NEW in 4.1! Support for most Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs.
      Most Windows Mobile 5 and 6 smartphones and PDAs are now supported with Pocket Tunes 4.1. See Requirements for a list of devices known to work.

    • NEW in 4.1! Sync your iTunes playlists with your Windows Mobile device.
      (Currently only available for Windows Mobile) Automatically or manually synchronize your music and playlists from iTunes on your PC. Pocket Tunes supports all unprotected music files in your iTunes library. Of the music you have purchased music from the iTunes store, Pocket Tunes will only play iTunes Plus tracks.

    • Superb customer support.
      We invest in top-notch support engineers to get you quick and helpful responses to all of your questions.

    • 15-day trial and 15-day money back guarantee.
      We want to be sure that you’re happy with Pocket Tunes.  Take advantage of our 15-day trial and our 15-day money back guarantee.

    • Hundreds of preset Internet Radio stations.
      Pocket Tunes 4.0 includes a huge catalog of the most popular Internet Radio stations available.

    • View the album art for your tunes.
      When you play music that has album art attached to it, Pocket Tunes will show it to you.

    • Support for AAC and aacPlus files and Internet Radio.
      Take advantage of the latest and highest quality music format, aacPlus, for CD-quality Internet Radio and ultra-small hi-fi music files.

    • Share your favorite Internet Radio stations.
      (Only available on Palm OS) Find a great station that you want to share with your friends?  Send it via Email, Bluetooth, or infrared.

    • Control music playback with your Bluetooth headset.
      (Built-in to Pocket Tunes on Windows Mobile. Palm OS requires Softick Audio Gateway to enable this capability.) On supported Windows Mobile devices, use the play, pause, previous track, and next track buttons on your Bluetooth headset to control your music playback.

    • Access millions of songs and audio books from popular online music stores.
      Pocket Tunes Deluxe supports all music stores that use Microsoft’s Janus technology.  Look for stores with the PlaysForSure logo.

    • Listen to Internet radio.
      With Pocket Tunes Deluxe, you can tune into hundreds of ShoutCast, Live365, and many other radio stations on devices with built-in wireless connectivity.

    • Listen to all your tunes on your phone.
      Easily play music stored on your device’s storage card, internal memory, or hard disk.

    • Keep your music synchronized with what’s on your PC.
      Pocket Tunes integrates with Windows Media Player, Real Rhapsody, and many other music players on your PC to allow you to quickly and easily copy music to your device.  Just plug it in, start Pocket Tunes, and go!

    • Find music quickly, auto-sorted by album, artist, and genre.
      Pocket Tunes sorts your music by album, artist, genre, and playlist to allow you to quickly find what you’re in the mood for.

    • Broad range of supported music files.
      Pocket Tunes plays MP3, AAC, aacPlus, WMA, WMDRM (Janus), PCM WAV, and Ogg Vorbis files.

    • Use your phone or PDA normally while music is playing.
      You’re free to run any other application on your device while playing music or listening to Internet radio.

    • Integrated with your phone.
      Pause your music or change the volume using the buttons on the side of your Centro and Treo.  When calls come in, Pocket Tunes automatically pauses the music until you hang up.

    • Control your music playback while using other phone functions.
      (Only available on Palm OS) Access the popup console while using other applications or phone functions to play, pause, change tracks, adjust the volume, and more.

    • Mix, shuffle, then repeat.
      Quickly create playlists or pick songs one-by-one.  Turn on the shuffle and repeat options to combine your music in ways you never expected!

    • Personalize Pocket Tunes.
      Choose from dozens of skins (many of them are free) at to make Pocket Tunes your own.

    • Fine tune your music.
      With features like crossfade, gapless playback, a high-fidelity equalizer, high quality volume boost, and many more, Pocket Tunes allows you unprecedented control over your music listening experience.

    • Listen to audio books.
      Pocket Tunes provides unique features (like bookmarks and auto-bookmarks) to make it a powerful companion when listening to books on the go.

    • Tons of playback options.
      Not everyone uses their audio player in the same way.  Configure Pocket Tunes to start playing on startup, stop playing after a certain period of inactivity, stop playing on low battery, and more.

    • Stay up to date.
      By default, Pocket Tunes will ask you to check for updates every 30 days so you can ensure you always have the latest and greatest.

    • Ringtones, alarm clocks, etc.
      Pocket Tunes integrates with dozens of third-party applications to enable great capabilities such as custom ringtones, alarm clocks, and much more.


    image Technical Specifications

    Audio Support:
    MP3 (all bitrates, CBR and VBR), AAC (all bitrates), WMA, Protected WMA (PD-DRM WMDRM9, Janus WMDRM10), aacPlus/HE-AAC v1, aacPlus/HE-AAC v2. Palm OS also supports Ogg Vorbis, PCM WAV through use of the optional free plugins.

    Playlist Support:
    Stored on SD card: M3U, PLS (ASX also supported for Windows Mobile only).  Stored on device: internal playlist format.  Accessed via HTTP: M3U, PLS.  Other capabilities: playlists that include other playlists are expanded automatically.

    Streaming Audio:
    Protocols: HTTP, ShoutCast, Live365.  Formats: MP3, aacPlus, Ogg Vorbis, WAV.

    Album art:
    JPEG format any size (depending on available memory). Supports album art embedded in MP3, AAC, WMA, or OGG files. Supports album art stored in the same folder with the music. If multiple album art files are available, automatically selects album art that most closely matches desired resolution.

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