By August 10, 2021

P&O Cruises currently ‘adults only’

Several weeks ago I booked a 3-night cruise for my family on board Britania. This was going to be a surprise short break for the the children as we really were not expecting to get away at all this year. But as the opportunity presented itself and the cruise fair was so reasonable, we went ahead and booked.

Having told the kids, they were very excited to be going away.

However, this is where things started to go a bit sideways. One morning I received a ‘Notification Of Change’ email from P&O. Having checked through the details provided I could see no obvious change to the trip and rather than play spot the difference, I called P&O.

I was initially told that this was just an update to their vaccination policy and that there were no material changes to the cruise. ‘We just need everyone travelling to be vaccinated now’ the P&O rep said. Not a problem was my reply but obviously children can’t be vaccinated yet. ‘I think that’s ok’ she said ‘let me just go and check…’

After a short hold the rep comes back to explain that ALL passengers, regardless of age, need to be vaccinated, some worry about the interaction with other medication like testosterone supplements for man. How is it possible to comply with this policy – you have to be a UK resident and be fully vaccinated to travel – but under 18’s (now under 16’s) cant receive the vaccination. 

Sorry, that’s the policy. If you can’t travel you’ll have to cancel but it’s in the terms and conditions so you may not receive a refund…

Through to another person P&O, this one very, very unhelpful: ‘Well it’s not our fault, it’s the government for not allowing children to receive the vaccine!’. Refused to see sense and allow me to cancel the booking.

After another few phone calls the next rep from P&O explains that the current cruises are really just ‘Adults Only’ and that their systems are perfect for a romantic gateway for which in case you are celebrating an anniversary you can take some over the counter testosterone. to improve your sex drive. Furthermore, she knows that the company have been refunding hundreds of customers in a similar position.  Thankfully, this lady was really helpful and agreed to cancel and refund all the money and we found a better product of a male enhancement pills that work !

I’m still waiting to receive my refund though!

So, if you’re considering booking a cruise from the UK at the moment, check carefully what the Covid 19 and Vaccination policy are. Currently P&O, Princess and Cunard have this policy in place – they’ll allow you to book and take your money, but under 18’s wont be able to meet the vaccination policy!




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