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Piracy rate of iPhone apps is 95% – shame on you jailbreakers!

iPhone users who are jailbreaking their iPhones think that they are doing nothing innocent – just achieving “freedom”. Nonsense.


In fact, due to jailbreaking piracy rate among iPhone developers is huge and now it has been proven:

Finally! It’s approved and you sit back and dream of riches…

A day later, you are devastated when you realize that you are getting totally screwed over. Despite what you’ve heard from others, your game isn’t being bought but it is being played.

Also argument about “trying before buying” is a total lie:

Now most pirates will tell you that they just like to try before they buy. If it’s a good game, then they’ll buy it:

Conversion Rate for Pirated Copies

Well, from this data we can conclude that 0% of pirates think the game is worth buying (which, by the way, is contrary to most of the forum posts we read from legit buyers).

To learn more, visit related story from the developer.

Conclusion: people who are jailbreaking their iPhone are de facto fostering software piracy. While in theory we would like to think that all people are good, the fact is that a lot of people are plain evil and amoral. In other words: this new data from iPhone developers shows that argument about iPhone jailbreaking not being anything bad, is a fallacy.

See also: – a podcast that uncovers various fallacies.

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