By May 23, 2009

PictTweet for iPhone released – tweet your doodles !

This app is rudimentary and annoyingly primitive, but it works! You can doodle stuff and tweet it immediately to Twitter (with doodles being uploaded to Twitpic service). It is however free so nobody should complain…

Here is how it looks like:

… and it also allows you to view your twitter stream but only as mobile twitter page (embedded web viewer):

The developer of this app writes:

“TwitPic” allows you to upload a hand-writing picture easily to Twitter via Twitpic.


– If you don’t have a Twitter account you can sign up for one at

– You should agree with the terms of Twitter and Twitpic for using these services.

– PictTweet is focus on easy to upload a hand-writing picture. Please use other Twitter clients if you want other functions.

To see an example of a tweet published with use of this app, click here.

Our impressions: there is no “undo” function while doodling and it is second to impossible to doodle in the upper and lower areas. It is annoying that the text “#PictTweet” is forcibly added to each tweet and it cannot be switched off and user cannot enter any text into the tweet (the URL to the doodle is short so over 100 characters are left). So all in all it’s a very primitive app! However it works and if you need to doodle something and get it published to the whole world, then it’s it!

Get it here (FREE).

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