By August 26, 2010

Phone-to-Console as standard on WP7 phones


One of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 trump cards – Phone to Console – will be standard with WP7 handsets BUT not at launch.  Coming across a little like the combination play between the Gamecube and the Gameboy Advance, it heavily integrates your Xbox Live account into your mobile gaming including your avatar (editable on the phone), messages and achievements.  Additionally, if you have a game on the phone that integrates with a sister title on the 360 (Assassin’s Creed for example), it’ll add achievement points to your Live score and, game dependant, open up parts of the main title.  There’s also phone-to-phone for free (Silver Live) on turn-based games (chalk one up for Tower Defence games).  Clearly MS playing this card for all it’s worth and could prove interesting with Apple and Android having no comparable technology.

Check out RGBFilter’s comprehensive video interview with Greg Milligan of MS Canada here, with plenty of WP7 and Live action.  You also get a good look at an LG WP7 handset that’s not the E900.


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