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PhatWare PhatNotes for iPhone – review

Previously available for Windows Mobile (yuk! yuk!) now this app has been released for iPhone (yummy!) but is it any good? Has it any chance to stand out among 110,000 of iPhone apps? Read on!

First interesting thing that we noticed is that it is “Made in USA” or how the developer puts it “Programmed in USA” (as opposed to “Made in India”?):

Generally this is a note taking program that unlike built-in iPhone’s note app, has folders:

… that contain notes:

… and text input can be done also via handwriting (finger writing?):

… but also with standard virtual keyboard of iPhone:

One can search notes for some text:

… and each folder can have distinctive properties:

There is plenty of settings for the editor part of this app too:

… and you can filter your notes to find the one that you need to find:

And good that help text is included and not online like it is in some other apps:

Conclusion: this app is too little to be big hit on the iPhone, but if you need notes taking app, you may consider it. While there is sync ability with PC, we have missed having built-in web server (like in GoodReader app), not to mention sync with Google Docs… All in all it looks like a solid note taking app, but we are not too impressed with the features (no various font sizes in text editor, no links, no outline, etc.).

Get it here (price: $9.99):

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