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Parrot announce the MINIKIT Neo


Here’s something to look forward to. Parrot have today announced the MINIKIT Neo which will be available in September. The company are renowned for creating superb quality hands-free solutions and it looks like they have stepped things up again with the Neo as it comes with some new fantastic features.

For starters it will use voice commands to manage phone calls, e-mails and sms. In addition it comes with its own smartphone application bringing even more features to the table.

You can check out the full press release from parrot below:



Zero manipulation

Focus on driving: the Parrot MINIKIT Neo, positioned on the sun visor thanks to its integrated holder, allows the driver to manage phone calls, texts messages and e-mails exclusively  using their voice, whilst keeping their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road.

· 100% hands-free management of phone calls

Say the keyword ‘MINIKIT’ to activate the voice recognition, followed by your phone book contact and the Parrot MINIKIT Neo will automatically dial the number. For an incoming call, just say ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ to take it or not.

· 100% hands-free management of e-mails and SMS

The Parrot MINIKIT Neo provides access to the interactive and vocal service TextFriendly[2], which allows drivers to listen to or compose emails entirely through voice.

· Vibration sensor

The Parrot MINIKIT Neo is equipped with a vibration sensor, automatically switching itself on when you enter your vehicle and switching off when you leave.

70 grams of high technology

Thanks to a micro processor (SiP6) developed by Parrot engineers, the Parrot MINIKIT Neo is the smallest and the most sophisticated hands-free kit on the market.

· Bluetooth and NFC connections

The Parrot MINIKIT Neo is compatible with all Bluetooth phones available in the market and vocally guides the user during the first connection; additional connections are automatic.

With NFC phones, a simple contact between both devices establishes the connection.

· Simultaneous management of two mobile phones

The Parrot MINIKIT Neo handles simultaneous management of two mobile phones (eg. personal & professional) and theswitch’ option allows drivers to jump from one call to another.

· A 360° perception of the sound

Thanks to its omni-directional microphone, the Parrot MINIKIT Neo detects sound from 360 degrees ensuring clear conversations. The NXT flat panel technology, combined with a powerful amplifier, offers a clear and concise sound while the signal processing significantly reduces surrounding noise, cancelling the echo.

· High level of autonomy

6 months of autonomy in standby mode (Ultra Low Power), 10 hours in communication… to hear the battery level at any time the Parrot MINIKIT Neo features a verbal battery level indicator indicating the amount of battery remaining.

A dedicated application, made for Smartphones

Parrot has developed an innovative application dedicated to the Parrot MINIKIT Neo: ‘ APP ‘, available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Among the Apps’ proposed services:

· Find my car (kit): Be aware of your car’s position at any time. When the Parrot MINIKIT Neo and the phone are disconnected, the last GPS position of the kit is stored in your telephone and thus, the location of your vehicle. Leaving you with No need to stress over where you left your car again!

· Parking meter: Enter the duration you have paid for at the parking meter, and the APP will remind you when your time has run out. Ideal to avoid tickets!

· Driving Time Reminder: To reduce risks of sleepiness while driving, it is crucial to have regular breaks. This module allows you to predefine a driving time and to be vocally warned by the Parrot MINIKIT Neo at specified intervals.

· Auto-reply SMS: Before taking the road, draft a message text which will be automatically sent when you receive a SMS or refuse a call. For example, "I am driving and will call you back later”.

· Sound customisation: Personalise the sound effects of the Parrot MINIKIT Neo when it turns on or off by recording a sound, music or even your voice!

Parrot MINIKIT Neo

– Dimensions: 94 x 54 x 39 mm — Weight: 69 grams

– Autonomy: 10h in communication, 6 months in standby

– Available in September 2012

– MSRP:  £79.99

– Point of sales on:


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