By January 6, 2009

Palm to possibly show Nova at CES

palm_logo What is that? Palm could display a mobile phone at CES running on NOVA, which is their new OS? We all know that coming up to the beginning of CES, rumours tend to run rampant so let’s take this with a teaspoon of salt.

Palm has been at the end of the sword in 2008, the once mighty handset maker has lost over $500 Million for the 2nd quarter of this fiscal year so NOVA and any phone it debuts on has had to deliver the goods straight to the sack. The new phone is speculated to have a full QWERTY Keyboard that slides, above the keyboard will lay a large touchscreen display for all the touchy feely folks, apart from that we have no more information.

NOVA is likely to be Palm’s final hoorah in trying to hold their position and win back vital market share from the likes of Apple, RIM, and others. For Palm’s sake we hope that NOVA and whatever phones they have behind closed doors will not be a letdown and a total flop, for we could very well see the “for sale” sign outside Palm headquarters.

[Mobiletopsoft] Via [TechWack]

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