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Palm Pre to be Vodafone UK exclusive?

image Vodafone could be Palm’s official carrier partner for the Palm Pre in the UK, according to the latest rumors.  While unconfirmed by either the carrier or Palm themselves, a member of Vodafone’s customer service team has revealed that they are “in early negotiation” regarding the Pre, although “nothing is solid”.  The device in question could be the first GSM 3G HSPA Pre available, given that Sprint’s version of the smartphone uses CDMA EV-DO Rev.A.

“With regrets, I can not currently share any information regarding the Palm Pre handset; we are still in early negotiation with Palm, but nothing is solid. I can double check next week but as of this point in time that is all I know” Vodafone customer services comment

The comment, made to PalmPreBlog, followed multiple denials from customer services that Vodafone was aware of any plans to support the Pre in the UK.  It also follows a comment from Vodafone’s UK forum, suggesting that the carrier would be advertising the Pre soon:

“That phone does look awesome, we were taking a look at this in the office the other day a few of us have our eye on it, I would keep your eyes peeled on the coming soon section here at our online shop.


eForum Team”

We will be keeping an eye on this and it would make sense as Palm and Vodafone have had a good relationship in the past with exclusives on the 500V, 750V and the Treo Pro

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