By October 15, 2009

Palm Pre arrives in Germany


After a few months of the first webOS device from Palm making its debut in the US, Europe now also has the Palm Pre too. Our neighbors up north got the same CDMA version we have, but now the first GSM version has been released in Germany.

Finally our cousins from across the pond will be able to enjoy and play with the great webOS device called Palm Pre. According to many reports, the O2 stores selling the Pre in Germany were full of people trying to get their hands on the Pre.

Many reports also mention champagne and beer as well as some appetizers and of course, water, you didn’t think Germans drink only beer, did you? So what do you think, new Pre owners, are you happy with your new toy? Let us know about the things you like and dislike about it. And most important, enjoy!

[Source Mypre]

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