By July 20, 2011

OS X Lion goes on sale along with a new MacBook Air and Mac Mini

product-air-11in I guess the post title here steals it but this afternoon, after what seems like a long delay, Apple released OS X Lion through the App Store for all to download. The great thing about what Apple have done here is that they are offering Lion for a little over £20 and furthermore you can install it on more than one Mac, as long as it’s yours.

We’ll look at some of the new features of Lion at some point soon.

Also today the Apple Store was updated with new MacBook Air and Mac Mini models. As expected both now have the new Thunderbolt ports and Sandybridge. Processors now start at with 1.6GHz Intel core i5 up to quad core 2.0GHz i7 in the top of the range Mac Mini.

Even more surprising though is the price, the entry level MacBook Air is down to just £729.60 while the Mac Mini starts at £476.40.

We’ll have our hands on these for review VERY soon too!


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