By July 8, 2011

OS X Lion coming July 14th?

Mac-OS-X-Lion Many of us are waiting for the official release of OS X Lion with bated breath and as yet there is no clear release date for it. However there are a number of sites speculating that the release will take place on the 14th July, Thursday of next week.

The guys at 9to5Mac claim to have evidence that this is going to happen as Apple have called for all retail stores to make overnight changes to signage which is expected to be all about Lion.

OS X Lion include over 250 enhancements over the current Snow Leopard version of the OS with some significant UI changes that some feel bring it closer to iOS. OS X Lion will be a App Store download via the Mac and will only cost a little over £20, something of a bargain.

It’s also likely that the 2011 version of the MacBook Air will be released within the next few weeks. The new version is expected to have the same Sandy Bridge chipset as the iMac and MacBook Pro and, therefore, to include the new high-speed Thunderbolt port.

Fingers crossed!


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