By July 6, 2011

OS update for HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation_Left HTC have started rolling out an OS update for their latest Android powered superphone, the HTC Sensation.

At this time the update is for only unlocked or SIM-free unbranded versions of the HTC Sensation and only here in Europe. Sadly though this update is not the anticipated Android 2.3.4 that many have been waiting for nor is it the bootloader-unlock that has been promised by HTC. Instead it would appear, from reports that we’ve had from followers, that this update simply provides a number of bug-fixes. We’re not sure exactly what has changed in the update as yet but I’m pulling it down for my HTC Sensation as I type this.

If you have a carrier supplier/locked HTC Sensation I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a while longer for the carrier specific updates be be released.

The XDA Developers forum will give you more info.


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