By October 21, 2007

Orange TyTN II ROM flashing warning

The Orange version of the HTC TyTN II was released just over a week ago and one of the biggest complaints we are seeing from our readers is that the Orange version does not include any of the Touch-Flo features from the vanilla HTC version and also (once again) Orange have removed Windows Live Messenger.

Several readers got in touch to tell us about this and pointed out that they decided that they would try and flash the official HTC ROM on to their Orange TyTN II. Seems like a feasible solution for anyone willing to risk bricking their brand new device.

So here is a word of warning for anyone thinking about going down this route. Not only is there the obvious consequence of invalidating the warranty on the device BUT the process doesn’t work properly on the Orange TyTN II. If you take a look at some of the forums over at XDA Developers you’ll see a raft of Orange customers have already tried this process only to discover that once you have flashed the ROM the device becomes SIM locked and not ever the original Orange SIM card will work in it!

Probably best to avoid this route for now until someone works out a better method methinks and you should also be aware that this kind of ROM-fiddling is illegal in many countries!

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