By April 5, 2007

Orange SPV M700 windscreen mount

Since we posted our Orange SPV M700 review I purchased a few M700’s for work colleagues. All the devices came from business customer services and arrived at the same time. Strangely, some of them had a windscreen mount included in the box but others did not. The mount is pretty good, has a suction pad on one end and a flexible ‘arm’ to position the device where you want it.

Orange SPV M700 Mount

Now when I asked Orange Business Customer Services why some had them and some didn’t they said that the mount is not supposed to be included, it’s not something that they advertise as being included and that we are lucky to have them at all!

So the question for all of you out there that already have an M700 is ‘Did you get a windscreen mount and car charger in the box with your device?’ I’m curious to know if more are shipping with or without. Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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