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Orange SPV M3100 Upgrade prices

Since posting my SPV M3100 REVIEW yesterday I’ve noticed that a number of people have arrived here having searched for ‘how to get m3100 on upgrade’ and ‘orange spv m3100 prices’. I’ve also had a lot of email messages asking how much you should pay for the M3100 on upgrade or as a new connection.

M3100 Upgrade

It doesn’t look like there is a set price that people are being charged for the upgrade. Certainly it will depend on the tariff that you are on and your average monthly spend, however, talking to other people about their upgrade experiences it would seem that they are being charged whatever Orange think they can get away with!

I thought it would be a good idea to share information in one place. So here is what I have been told so far and if you have any information to share with the rest of us please post a comment!

  • My friend that has an Orange corporate account got his M3100 as a free upgrade. He does however spend a lot of money with Orange.

  • ‘James’ got his M3100 for just £4.99 on his existing £25 pm contract and didn’t have to pay an upgrade fee.

  • ‘Simon’ had to pay £49 for an upgrade despite being on a high tier tariff.

  • Finally, Paul Evans paid a whopping £250 for his upgrade on the low end ‘Dolphin’ Tariff. I’d speak to Orange again Paul if I were you!

  • We have been told that the M3100 is not available to buy ‘off line’ at this time. Stocks of this new device have been said to be very low.

  • The conversation I had with my Orange Business account manager was an interesting one. I was told point blank that the M3100 would not be released for at least another few weeks. I then pointed out to the guy that I was actually calling him from a friends M3100 that I had borrowed. He went rather quiet and promised to call me back. About an hour later he called to say that there had been a mistake at that the M3100 was not showing on their regular ‘Merlin(?)’ system as they were trying to keep it a ‘secret’ so that they ‘didn’t sell out too quickly’! – Hmm Interesting!

    Please share your experiences with others folks!


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