By August 13, 2006

Orange SPV M3100 post review questions answered

Since posting my M3100 REVIEW a few days ago a number of people have contacted me with questions about the device. Many of the questions were about specific aspects of the device that I didn’t cover in the review. I thought it best to follow up with a post where I can attempt to answer your questions!

The first thing I missed out was to include some photos taken with the built-in camera. Below are some quick shots taken both indoors and outside as well as a shot taken of a wineglass using the macro facility. Click the small images for larger view.

M3100 Indoor Shot

M3100 Outdoor Shot

M3100 Macro Shot

The next question was: Now that the main speaker is on the back of the device, is there any issue with the ringtone volume? The simple answer to this one is NO. The ringtone volume can be set really high, whether it’s in your pocket of face up on a desk you should have no problem hearing it ring.

Someone else asked about call quality and call handling. In the past the call quality on some PDA phones has been somewhat poor. Other devices have had issues with general call handling, displaying the message ‘Unable to answer call’ being displayed far too often. In the short time I had the M3100 I didn’t have any such problems and the call quality was about as good as it gets.

Is pocket MSN included with the M3100? Sadly not. Orange have chosen to remove MSN from their ROM as they are planning to release their own isntant messagin solution. Until Pocket MSN Live is released you’ll have to use a third party app like Agile Messenger.


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