By August 16, 2006

Orange SPV M3100 Headphone adapter

I’ve borrowed another Orange SPV M3100 from a friend. I wanted to have more of a play with it and try some software on it and maybe finish what I started in the first Orange SPV M3100 Review.

It’s been mentioned here and elsewhere a number of times already but one of the most annoying things about the M3100, HTC TyTN and HTC Hermes variants is that the headphone socket has been incorporated within the USB socket. This means that you can’t use your own headphones with this device – very irritating especially as the included headphones are so poor.

I’ve been looking around the web and speaking to a number of people but it would appear that nobody yet makes Hermes headphone adapter that will allow you to use your own headphones.

I decided that the best way forward would be to hack the headphones that are included with the SPV M3100, so I decided to have a look at that this evening!

M3100 Headphone Hack

As you can see from the picture above, the bit on the cable that contains the mic and the volume control is rather more complex than I thought. I’m going to spend a little time taking it apart to see what’s what. I hope to have a ‘how-to’ guide online soon!

EDIT: See the SPV M3100 Headphones adapter hack HERE.


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