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Orange SPV C100

Our blog readers are becoming a demanding bunch. The slightest mention of the Orange SPV C100 (HTC Oxygen) in an earlier post resulted in a number of you emailing for more info.

I must admit that Smartphone devices aren’t my area of expertise these days since I turned to Pocket PC Mobile devices. But not wishing to turn readers away I have gone on a mission to find out what I can.

The Orange C100 has yet to be official announced but I know it’s coming, I had a play with one just a few weeks ago at the MoDaCo summer event. It’s a really nice looking device, much more stylish recent Smartphone devices. Smartphones have had a look all of their own until now but the C100 breaks the mould looking more like a ‘regular’ mobile phone. I’m sure that the sleek design will appeal to a whole new demographic.

Orange SPV C100

The C100 is targeted as a budget Smartphone and as such is a slightly ‘cut down’ device. It does have Windows Mobile 5 AKU 2.3, the screen resolution, however, has been reduced to 176×220 which is rather a step down from the 320×240 that has become the Smartphone norm.

  • O.S.: – Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition
  • Processor: – TI OMAP850 201Mhz
  • Memory: – RAM 64MB / Flash 64MB
  • Screen: – 176 x 220 TFT with 65536 colours
  • Memory Card: – NONE, will use SIM+
  • Connectivity: – Tri-band, GPRS, Bluetooth 1.2
  • Camera: 1.3MP
  • The C100 is unusual in that it does not have space for a memory card but instead uses SIM+,which enables special SIMs with additional storage capacity, with 512MB SIM+ cards already being in existence. Not sure its such a great idea though. I wonder if the memory is still accessible even if the SIM is dead?


    Thanks once again to Sporkyguy for allowing the use of the excellent photos!

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