By May 17, 2007

Orange Samsung i600 problems?

A while ago we unboxed the Samsung SGH-i600 and published this video of the device. Since then the i600 has been released on the Orange network and a number of our regular visitors have been asking if there is any difference between the straight Samsung and the Orange branded version of the i600.

Both devices have exactly the same hardware but there are some software differences as, once again, Orange removed MSN messenger from their version and branded the homescreen and icons. However there seems to be a more worrying problem with the Orange version. As you’ll see in the video below, there are some stablility issues. One of the first things I tried on the i600 is to change the ringtone but simply doing this is enough to crash the device and all one can do is remove the battery as it wont even respond to the power button.

Now I’m not sure if this is a general problem or if I have just been unlucky with the device I have but I shall be asking Orange to exchange this one!

Other than the above there really isn’t any difference between the two versions but you do get an extended as well as a standard battery with the one from Orange.

You can download a higher-res version of the video HERE.

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