By June 14, 2007

Orange – Powered by… err… wind?

Are you bored of “emergency chargers”? You know, the pointless single use chargers that generally support Nokia and not much else?

Well worry not. Orange have certainly won today’s award for innovation, with their all new Windy-Charge 500* designed especially for Glastonbury and the festivals

Orange Wind Charger

Orange Wind Charger

The idea is, you fix your wind powered charger to the top of your tent during the day, and your windmill zooms round and charges up a small battery connected below. Then later, when you arrive back, you plug your phone into the battery and charge it back up.

Sounds pretty cool actually, though there’s no info on cost or availability as yet. In fact the only information we have, is that it weighs just 150g and is Orange.

*-This name might have been made up by me. 😳

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