By June 9, 2007

Orange – No plans for HTC Touch??

Here’s another post to file under ‘confusing’!

During the HTC Touch launch event on the 5th June, Yves Maitre, Vice President of Orange Group, announced that the HTC Touch would be available from Orange from that day on and mentioned that you would be able to go in to a shop and buy one. There’s proof of this in the video HERE.

As Yves was unable to confirm the price of the handset on the Orange network I decided to contact Orange customer services for some information. My inital enquiries were met with “What’s the HTC Touch?” and “We don’t see that one.” So I sent an email to the supply team. The conversation went like this:

Matt: Please can you tell me the cost of the new HTC Touch device?

Orange: The only version we have is the SPV M3100. Please advise if you wish take this handset and if its an upgrade or new connection.

Matt: The HTC Touch was announced by your Vice President, Yves Maitre, at a press conference yesterday and is not an M3100

Orange: I shall look into this and get back to you.

Orange: Sorry (the HTC Touch is) not something we’re ranging.

I’ve still not been able to clear this up but I’ll get back to you with more information as I get it!

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