By August 9, 2006

Orange M3100 price wrong?

If you are looking for the Orange SPV M3100 review it’s HERE

The price that Orange have listed the M3100 on their site at could be wrong.

Having seen the SPV M3100 appear on the Orange site last night I thought I would try and find out from Orange when the official release would be.

I made a couple of calls to Orange business customer services this morning and was told initially that the M3100 did not exist and was the SPV a Samsung phone?

Finally I got to talk to someone that knew all about the SPV M3100. They were able to look at for it on their new price list but told me that the price they had listed internally was differnt to the one on the website by nearly £100! This would put the actual price of the M3100 at £250 which to be honest does sound more realistic.

I will attempt to get confimation on this over the next day or so!

EDIT: I’ve had a number of people contact me to say that they too paid £250 for their new M3100 on pre-order!


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