By March 2, 2007

Orange cant help you with your M700?

Edit: Our Orange SPV M700 review is now online!

Tracy and I have been playing around with a couple of Orange SPV M700’s for a few days now and we had a bit of a problem with the GPS on one of them. I gave Orange a call to see if we could find out what the problem was. Initially customer services thought that I was reporting an issue with GPRS despite me stating several times that I really DID mean GPS. After that Orange insisted that the M700 didn’t have GPS and that I would have to purchase one at extra cost.

This wasn’t just one person getting their facts wrong, I spoke to three differnt CS representatives!

For those of you that are thinking about buying an M700 let me point out that the M700 really, honestly, defintely does have built in GPS!! My problem ended up being a simple problem that we easily resolved (ourselves) and the GPS works perfectly well now.

Secondly, we had a couple of messages from Alan. Alan has been trying to buy an Orange SPV M700 in black but Orange insist that it’s only available in white. Strange that I have two M700’s then, one black, one white…

Orange SPV M700 in black

….come on Orange, your customer service staff can do better than this cant they?


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