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Orange Call Abroad SIM

Orange announces the availability of the Orange Call Abroad SIM which provides customers with an easier and more convenient way to call abroad. The new SIM offers the cheapest rates currently available for international calls and competitive Pay As You Go rates apply when calling numbers in the UK, so there is no need to swap the original card in and out of the phone.

Orange research shows that people currently find making international calls confusing due to misleading price structures and the lack of transparency around calling cards. In response to consumer needs, the new Orange SIM offers customers a secure and reliable way of calling long distance with the ease and flexibility of their mobile phone.

With the Orange Call Abroad SIM, there are no hidden costs, users only pay the advertised rate for the call and are not subject to third party carrier costs or the national call charge of 25p usually incurred with calling cards.

The new SIM also provides peace of mind to customers calling abroad as they are able to calculate the exact price of their call in advance and are assured of a clear and quality connection.

Following a six month trial in a limited number of Orange Shops and through selected distributors, the SIM is now available to buy individually without a handset from Orange shops, other Orange stockists and newsagents nationwide, priced at just £5.

Customers can top up their phones in the same way they add credit to standard Pay As You Go accounts, by credit or debit card, in Orange shops, via cash machines and other retailers.

Pippa Dunn, PAYG Director, Orange says, “We developed the Orange Call Abroad SIM to help people stay connected with friends and family overseas. There are approximately 5.5 Million ethnic British nationals living in the UK and 18.7 million foreign visitors to the UK every year who are looking for an affordable and convenient way to phone home. The low cost calls offered by our new SIM, provide customers with the perfect solution.”

Orange Call Abroad

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