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Orange reduced roaming rates

orange Orange have reacted to T-Mobile and O2’s recent announcements of price cuts for roaming charges. Orange today announced significant changes to its Orange Travel portfolio which makes voice and data roaming for consumer and business customers simpler, more transparent and better value than ever before. The offers will be made available throughout the Summer to give Orange customers greater choice and value for their Summer holiday or business needs.

This Summer, Orange will be cutting its standard SMS roaming rate for Pay As You Go Animal customers to 25p which will give these customers the best value on the high street with a saving of 37.5%. As of today, Pay Monthly (PAYM) customers are able to purchase Travel Text, an SMS roaming bundle from £6 a month. Travel Text 30 gives customers 30 texts for £6, up to 33% saving compared to the standard SMS rate*. Travel Text 100 is also available which gives customers 100 texts for £15, a saving of up to 50%. Business customers can also benefit from the SMS bundle with rates starting at £5.11 for 30 texts a saving of up to 32% or £12.77 for 100 texts a saving of up to 49%.

The second new addition to the roaming portfolio is a range of monthly Travel Data bundles for PAYM and Business customers. Available now, Travel Data makes it simpler and more affordable for occasional data roamers to access their emails and browse the web on their mobile phone when travelling in Europe. Business customers can also purchase Travel Data to use both on their mobile phone and their laptops. With Travel Data, customers pay a fixed upfront monthly fee which makes the offer simple, predictable and the best value monthly data package in the market place. The fixed price of Travel Data will be £5.00 for 3MB a saving of up to 44% or £12 for 10MB a saving of up to 60% versus standard charges available to all PAYM customers. Larger bundle sizes are also available for business customers who require heavy data usage when abroad. Business customers can save between 50-98% with prices ranging from £6.38 for 5MB up to £100 for 200MB. Global travel data bundles are also available for business customers.

With voice roaming coming down by over 45% in the last year, Orange is introducing Favourite Countries, a first of its kind voice roaming offer. It is available in July from £5 (including VAT) a month available to all PAYM and Business customers. Customers simply select one or all five countries that Orange customers call from most when abroad: France, Spain, Greece, Ireland and Belgium and then benefit from discounted rates when calling anywhere in the EU from those countries. The Favourite Countries bundle enables customers to benefit from up to 100 minutes of inclusive incoming calls from anywhere in the world, and up to 100 minutes of making calls to anywhere in Europe at a discounted rate of 29p giving customers a total saving of over 20% on calls made.

Of particular interest to consumers is that Favourite Country, Travel Text and Travel Data for PAYM customers can be bought for just 30 days making them ideal for customers who are just going on holiday or business trips for shorter periods of time.

In addition, Orange has just made changes to its Pay As You Consume standard, per Mb rate. These changes include a reduction for Orange Business Services customers who will see the standard rate change from £3.50 per Mb for data cards and £4.50 per Mb for handsets, to £2.55 per Mb for both data cards and handsets. Similarly, Pay Monthly customers will have seen prices fall from £8 per Mb to £3 per Mb when using data roaming in Europe; and Pay as You Go customers will have seen prices fall from £8 per Mb to £4 per Mb.

Stephen Harris, Pricing & Commercial Director from Orange commented. “Orange is committed to making calling abroad simple, transparent and affordable for our customers. We have re-invigorated our roaming offers across the board. Whether you are a caller, texter or surfer abroad, our customers can benefit from some of the most competitive rates available.

For those customers who want to roam abroad, they must call Orange first to activate roaming. Orange customers can purchase the travel bundles directly from their handset by calling customer services on 150 or by visiting an Orange shop. Favourite Countries can also be purchased by PAYM customers by replying to the ‘Welcome’ text message with the name of the country they are in when they arrive abroad.

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