By October 9, 2011

Orange flavoured T-Mobile


Orange and T-Mobile conglomeration, Everything Everywhere, is ready to properly merge its 2G networks into one, allowing the phone to switch cells as if it was a single network. Fine for voice and text messaging, but pretty useless for data. Once roaming, you will drop to the incredibly slow speeds offered by GPRS, or possibly EDGE if you were very lucky.

According to a user on the Digital Spy forum, there are now dates available for when each part of the country will switch from the current roaming system to operating as a single network.
We can’t confirm these dates as they were given with the obligatory ‘subject to change’ disclaimer;

  • October 12th: Gloucester and Midlands area.
  • Week commencing October 31st: London, Wiltshire and down to Brighton area, North Wales, North West England and Scottish Central Belt.
  • Week commencing November 7th: Norfolk, North East England and Aberdeen area.
  • Week commencing November 14th: Everywhere else.

Virgin Media announced that its subscribers – which already use the T-Mobile network – can now opt-in to enable use of the Orange network in the UK.

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