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Orange and T-Mobile venture to be called everything, everywhere

Orange TBritain’s biggest communications company was unveiled today, promising to transform the industry and give UK consumers the best coverage, devices, service and communications experience possible.

The company – called Everything Everywhere – will run two of Britain’s most famous brands, Orange and T-Mobile, and has a customer base of 30 million people: over half of the UK adult population.

Orange and T-Mobile will continue as leading brands in the market, with each brand having its own shops, marketing campaigns, propositions and service centres. However, behind the scenes, the two brands will be run by one company, with one team and one vision to give consumers instant access to the people, places and things they want, wherever they are.


Our vision

To give people instant access to everything everywhere, opening up a world of possibilities for our customers and our business.

Everything Everywhere is the name of the company that runs Orange and T-Mobile, and the company that all 16,500 employees will work for. The company will be officially integrated on July 1.

Tom Alexander, Chief Executive of Everything Everywhere, said: “Together, we are Britain’s biggest communications company, with over 30 million customers. 
“We are on the verge of a communications revolution. Up until a few years ago, mobile was just about voice and text – not now. Multimedia phones have already started to change the way our customers access the world – for entertainment, education, information – wherever they are, whenever they want.

“That is why, through our scale and Britain’s only super-network with its unsurpassed coverage and capacity, we will be leading this revolution, giving customers instant access to everything, everywhere.

“We are Everything Everywhere – it’s our name, our vision, and our ambition – and we run two of the UK’s biggest brands Orange and T-Mobile. It’s our vision to give our customers instant access to everything everywhere, opening up a world of endless possibilities.”


The brands

Everything Everywhere will give the two trading brands of Orange and T-Mobile a shared platform of strength, with each brand owning clear emotional territory in terms of propositions, marketing and brand identity.

To customers, Orange and T-Mobile will continue to compete as distinct brands in the market, each having its own shops, campaigns, propositions and service centres.

Best network

Everything Everywhere is creating the country’s biggest and best mobile network. The ambition is to combine both the Orange and T-Mobile networks, cut out duplication, and create a single super-network.

For customers it will mean bigger network and better coverage, while reducing the number of stations and sites – which is good for cost reduction as well as being good for the environment.

Later this year, customers will experience the first benefits of the merger, with the ability to roam across both networks at no additional cost.

Boost for sales

Together Orange and T-Mobile have over 700 stores on the British high street today. The company is now looking at continuing to improve and evolve its estate to generate more sales and cement its position as the UK’s number one communications company.

Brilliant service

It is an ambition of Everything Everywhere to deliver the best service in the industry to the company’s 30 million customers across both brands.

The company intends to do that by offering an excellent level of service, with the best-trained and motivated people helping customers.

Acceleration in new markets

The company intends to propel itself beyond mobile communications, with a greater focus in developing new revenue streams based on the way customers will use their devices in the future.

With greater scale, the company intends to develop new revenue streams in adjacent markets, such as mobile advertising and mobile commerce.

With the company’s new coverage and scale, it also intends to ramp up offers to the business market, with the best propositions and value for businesses across Britain.

One Team

There is a new Leadership Team for Everything Everywhere?, with key personnel from both Orange and T-Mobile running key areas of the enlarged business.

The team is led by Tom Alexander, Chief Executive, and Richard Moat, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Executive.

Joining them in the Leadership Team, are:

Andrew Ralston, Chief Commercial Officer

Guillaume van Gaver, Vice President of Marketing

Mark Duncan, Vice President of Sales & Loyalty

Andrew Coull, Vice President of Retail

Pippa Dunn, Vice President of Orange Propositions

Lysa Hardy, Vice President of T-Mobile Propositions

Gerry McQuade, Chief Development Officer

Marc Overton, Vice President of Wholesale

Martin Stiven, Vice President of Business

Bruno Duarte, Vice President of Home

Russel Taylor, Vice President of Business Development and Online

Neal Milsom, Vice President of Finance

Emin Gurdenli, Vice President of Network

Fotis Karonis, Vice President of IT

Jackie O’Leary, Vice President of Customer Operations

Rui Pereira, Vice President of the Programme Management Office

John Cromack, Vice President of Purchasing

Linda Kennedy, Chief Change Officer

Ian Pitcher, Vice President of People Operation

Nicolas Ott, Vice President of Strategy, Planning and Regulatory

Steven Day, Vice President of Brands and Communications

James Blendis, Vice President of Legal

Ben Messore, Vice President of Strategy


More details can be found here

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