By July 14, 2008

Opera Mobile 9.5 release delayed

image If you were really looking forward to tomorrows promised release of Opera Mobile 9.5 beta then prepare to be disappointed. They have just announced that there are still a few bugs that are stopping it from being released, they have rescheduled the release for the 17th July so its not all bad. Full text from Opera after the break.

The Some things in life don’t go according to plan — at least not in software development. We knew when we announced a release date before we finished development that a showstopper bug might be found that could alter the actual date we release the beta.
As you can imagine, we encountered a few bugs last week that we needed to fix before we launch. Our engineering team worked through the weekend to fix the bugs. Even though our release is a beta, we’d rather spend the extra time to fix them, thus giving you a better experience. The fixes are almost complete now, but we need two more days to run the build through our quality assurance testing. The new launch date is now set for the 17th.
We’re disappointed to delay, but fixing these bugs will improve the experience with our beta and let you fully test the browser.

via Opera Mobile Blog

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