By March 30, 2010

Opera mini rejected by Apple

We are not here to tell you fairytales about unicorns and butterflies. The reality is: Apple has rejected Opera mini.

As you can see here:
… already over 7 days have passed since Opera (Norwegian company specialized in making browsers for everything) has submitted their “Opera mini” app to Apple app store. We were just traversing twitter to find what are approval times lately and they are smaller than that.

There can be only one conclusion: Apple has de facto rejected Opera mini browser. Note: while some existing apps in app store are also called “something browser” in fact they are just wrappers around Apple’s Safari engine. There is no real non-Apple browser with non-Apple engine in app store.

Opera thought that they can get approval because Opera mini PARTIALLY renders on the server side and does compression on server side, but the matter of fact is that part of rendering is taking place on iPhone what disqualifies this app.

Note: we have asked literally 5 various Opera employees to send us Opera mini via ad-hoc distribution i.e. without the need to go via app store, but all of them refused violently.

It’s always great to see Opera on various platforms and we love it on Windows Mobile – both in Opera mini version (super fast, saves bandwidth) and Opera Mobile version (very good rendering, uses no proxy)… but Apple says no. Maybe Apple was scared that Opera would smuggle the very much hated Adobe Flash into iPhone via that browser?

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