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OffMaps for iPhone released – offline map app

image We are traversing, every single day, the latest additions to app store so that you don’t have to. Some of the new apps are simply vomit inducing, some others are so trivial that one wonders why would anybody even consider doing something so primitive. One of the recently released apps that stands out in functionality is OffMaps. Since most travellers who own an iPhone clearly own one of the flat rate data plans (tariffs), so data connection fees are not an issue…. as long as you don’t travel abroad where huge international roaming fees are being incurred. Particularly in Europe where a flight across the continent costs less than a ride by taxi to another city district, this issue is important. And here comes the OffMaps to the rescue that allows you to download maps before travelling! What a brill idea, innit!?

The holy grail of mapping applications has arrived to iPhone! It’s cheap, it’s offline, it works.

Here is how this app looks like:


Short depiction from the vendor:

OffMaps allows you to access maps and location bookmarks wherever you are, even offline and abroad. OffMaps stores maps directly on your device for any area and zoomlevel you want. This gives you true offline maps for any region and city!

OffMaps does not come with one limited set of maps preloaded: It lets you download as many maps as you like for any area at no additional cost.

OffMaps has two modes: an online and an offline mode. Whenever possible OffMaps will use the online mode. Don’t worry if you are abroad and have data roaming disabled (default), OffMaps will automatically go to offline mode.

OffMaps uses OpenStreetMaps (the Wikipedia of maps) that offer a lot of useful information beyond simple roadmaps from ATMs and bus stops to restaurants and bars.

Commentary: with iPhone OS 3.0 and new iPhone models with digital compass everything will change as turn-by-turn GPS navigation software will become available, but in meantime get OffMaps! If you travel internationally or if you just have an iPod touch, or you travel to areas without coverage – this app will come in handy.

Get it here

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