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OffMaps for iPhone – review

So, imagine that you would like to visit some remote country. However you wouldn’t like to pay for international roaming data (that would be used a lot if you would use built-in Google Maps) and you wouldn’t like to buy expensive GPS turn-by-turn navigation software (after all it may be that you drop by to this country only once in a lifetime). Or maybe you have only an iPod touch and you can’t use Google Maps while traveling at all.

Well, there is an app for that and it’s called “OffMaps” and it costs only $2.99:

What you need to do is simply find the area that you would like to download for offline usage:

Then you need to tap on “Download” button:

Then you can select level of zoom (there is no limit on size: previously there was 150 MB limit, but no more):

Then the download commences:

Once the download is complete, you can bookmark it for comfortable offline usage:

… for example like this:

… and then you can use the map totally offline (note the lack of WiFi or cellular network indicators; note also: at given zoom level if you hit the border of the downloaded area – then it is grayed):

Conclusion: OffMaps is a great little app that is also cheap and is using community created maps (you can even contribute to these maps) of quality much higher than many other local map apps. In other words: instead of buying an app for this area of the globe or this city or that country – you just buy this one cheap app and you get it all.

Get it here (price: $2.99):

* * * * *

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