By May 27, 2009

Official Sirius XM player for iPhone !

It’s official now, coming directly from Sirius itself and here is the first screen shot:

Sirius XM is a satellite radio system meaning that there are several satellites circling over territory of USA, thanks to which people in USA can drive for example from coast to coast and listen to the same channel – something not possible with FM radio. Interestingly censorship rules of FCC does not apply to Sirius so content is totally free and includes even incredibly offensive stuff.

Apart from listening through satellite radios (popular in USA particularly as standard equipment of cars) one can listen Sirius also over Internet (i.e. also outside of USA). By now some third party applications for smartphones were available but Sirius changed technique and they were stopping working. Certain third party app for iPhone was also in development but it was forbidden by Sirius – clearly because Sirius wanted to release its own app, what is not strange: why would 3rd party company benefit from Sirius content?

Anyway having good apps for iPhone and smartphones is crucial for Sirius XM because Howard Stern (main star of Sirius) is retiring soon and it can go bankrupt quickly if it will not offer its content over Internet, both fixed and mobile.

In slides from shareholder meeting it has been officially announced that Sirius XM player for iPhone and “for smartphones” is coming. Obviously iPhone version of this app will be the first and be sure that once it will be available, we will review it extensively here, so stay tuned! (we are using Sirius since many years – since it launched – so it will be a very competent review)

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