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Official Eurovision app for iPhone released

image Eurovision song contest is being bankrolled by Germany, UK, Spain and Italy, and thanks to this cash injection singers from these countries don’t have to compete – they have guaranteed place in the finals. Apart from them also finalist from the last year and the country that is hosting Eurovision (this year: Russia) also has a certain place in finals. All others have to fight.

Finals of Eurovision 2009 take place next weekend, so if you wanna watch it, get this FREE app now!

Eurovision app for iPhone is an official app and here is how it looks like:

… where you can see that you can get news and other Eurovision stuff in this app.

If you are on location (this year: in Moscow) then you will find relevant info too:

UK is represented by this girl:

… and although her song was written by famous British composer it is so slow that we have fallen asleep after 15 seconds so it has no chances to win (we are 100% sure that either Sweden with their super-melodic ballad or Norway with White Russia -born boy will win).

You can watch videos in this app:

… but videos open externally in YouTube not inside of the app:

You can also buy tunes of singers from this year and other years of Eurovision – also externally – through iTunes (that is built-in into iPhone and iPod touch):

Song of our fav – Sweden’s entry for Eurovision 2009 – is in Tunes too:

Conclusion: Eurovision is not particularly ambitious when it comes to artistic values but it should be considered rather as a peace fostering festival of kitsch. Since some countries are sending songs that either are too slow not to fall asleep (like UK) or that are simply mind-bogglingly silly, clearly the winners are not easily predictable. However with this iPhone appa about Eurovision you can catch up about the situation and you can even buy music on iTunes. What else would you want? It looks like releasing an app for Eurovision is a perfect way to connect with audience. Note: voting takes place over SMS (texting) so you can use iPhone for voting purposes too..

Get it here (FREE)

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