By May 6, 2007

Office Mobile on Windows Mobile 5?

One of the limitations of owning and using a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone device is that opening and editing Word or Excel documents was impossible and you had to opt for third-party tools simply to view them. This all changes with Windows Mobile 6 Standard (WM6 Smartphone) in that the OS natively supports Word Mobile, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile.

So where does that leave you if you are one of the 90% of people with a WM5 device? Fear not as now so clever folks have managed to extract the required files from a release version of WM6 and bundle them all up into a cab file that will provide you with the ability to open and edit office documents on your WM5 Smartphone.

WM6 Office Mobile

So what’s the catch? Well the bottom line is that this is a crack and it’s breaking the copyright Microsoft has on Office Mobile and is therefore illegal.

You can read more over at Tech[dot]Blog.

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